Memory Matters


This product contains 60 capsules

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  • Improves overall working memory and short-term memory
  • Natural Nootropic
  • Supports optimal cognitive performance and focus
  • Helps to facilitate multi-tasking
  • Day/night cognitive support
  • Clinically proven formula


In today’s competitive world characterized by demanding work and personal schedules, the brain gets a serious workout. To maximize daily performance, it’s critical that you keep your brain healthy and functioning at an optimal level.

Memory Matters® is a science-backed formula that provides a key ingredient called Neumentix™; a non-GMO proprietary phenolic complex sourced from spearmint that’s produced, cultivated and harvested in the USA.  In a clinical trial, Neumentix™ was proven to improve overall working memory (by up to 15%!), short-term memory and cognitive performance without disrupting sleep. In fact, study participants who took Neumentix™ reported falling asleep more easily and quickly than those who were administered a placebo.

When taken as directed, Memory Matters® works as a nootropic, helping to boost memory and increase cognitive performance and focus in adults, while also providing performance-enhancing benefits.

Memory Matters® is for college students, athletes, aging adults and anyone looking for a natural way to support cognitive health and improve focus and concentration without disrupting sleep.


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